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The Collective PAC endorses Alyia Gaskins for Alexandria City Council

Powerful momentum builds for political representation and Virginian candidates

Alexandria, VA - Alyia Gaskins is proud to receive the endorsement of The Collective PAC, the nation’s largest political action committee dedicated to increasing Black political representation and power across all levels of government.

“I am absolutely honored to receive this endorsement from The Collective PAC. The incredible strides this organization has made for progress in representation and bettering the lives of black candidates, communities, and the power they hold in our political process is beyond admirable. While our values align tremendously, this endorsement means so much more to me. The courage to continuously fight for justice and equity for working families across this country inspires youth, new black political candidates, and this campaign. I am extremely thrilled to be working alongside them, and look forward to continuing this fight for progress and a better future for all.” Said Alyia Gaskins

The Collective PAC endorsed eight candidates for election and reelection to state and local offices in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio and Virginia. Founders of The Collective PAC, Quentin James and Stefanie Brown James, released the following statement:

“The Collective PAC’s mission to build Black political power and change the face of leadership starts at the local level and we’re thrilled to endorse these eight progressive champions for office today. From the school committee to the city council to the state legislature, each of these leaders are committed to playing a direct, active, and crucial role in shaping the future of their communities and bettering the lives of working families. Their leadership and innovative solutions to their cities’ respectives challenges will serve as an example to leaders across the country of the power of championing justice, equity, and dignity for all. We’re excited to stand with this group of experienced and passionate changemakers and look forward to supporting them on the campaign trail.”

Below are the local leaders in Virginia who were endorsed by the Collective PAC:

Alyia Gaskins (Candidate for Alexandria City Council, VA) has spent her career working in both the non-profit sector and for city government. With a commitment to neighborhood engagement, affordable housing, and child success, Alyia is ready to bring equity and community to the forefront once she’s elected to the Alexandria City Council. She has served on the Transportation Commission and serves on the steering committee for Hunger Free Alexandria.

Councilmember John Chapman (Alexandria City Council, VA) is a fourth-generation Alexandrian, small business owner, and educator. He is running for a third term on the Alexandria City Council, where he’s worked to address issues like public safety, fair housing, and stormwater management. John is also a Community Use Program Specialist for Fairfax County Public Schools and owner of the Manumission Tour Company which specializes in African American history and stories.

Del. Candi King (Virginia House of Delegates, District 2) has been a steadfast advocate for education in the legislature, working to support students with disabilities and deliver equitable funding for HBCUs. If reelected, she will continue working to help her district recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, improve transportation infrastructure, and champion police accountability.

Del. Joshua G. Cole (Virginia House of Delegates, District 28) is a vocal advocate for protecting reproductive freedom, expanding economic justice, and improving infrastructure across the Commonwealth’s 28th District. Josh is also a pastor, the former president of the Stafford County NAACP, and has held many positions in the Virginia House of Delegates prior to taking office.


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