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Hopkins House: Alyia Gaskins recognized for her support of all six public policy priorities

Updated: May 31, 2021

In an effort to encourage voter participation in the electoral process, Hopkins House invited the 15 candidates -- mayoral and council -- running for public office in the 2021 Democratic Party primary elections for the City of Alexandria to respond to a survey on childcare and education public policy issues.

The Hopkins House Public Policy & Advocacy Committee, which is composed of Hopkins House trustees, staff, and volunteers, received the survey responses, scored them based on the six Hopkins House childcare and education priorities, and published a Summary Analysis

The Committee only reviewed the responses that candidates submitted in their surveys, not any public documentation. To avoid bias, several people independently reviewed the surveys. The ratings were generally consistent across reviewers, who included a number of parents as well as the members of the committee. No members of the Hopkins House faculty, administration, or staff were involved in the process, and the President, who is member of the Committee, did not weigh in at all.

One candidate running for Mayor, Justin Wilson, is also a Hopkins House trustee. He did not participate in this process at all other than submitting his responses to the survey.

"We thank all the candidates running for Alexandria Mayor and City Council for participating in this voter education activity," said Julie N. Jakopic, Committee Chair, "And, for illustrating that early childhood education is a public policy priority in our beautiful city."

While Hopkins House does not "endorse" candidates, and this activity was not for that purpose, Jakopic recognized candidates Canek Aguirre, Sarah Bagley, John Chapman, Alyia Gaskins, Kevin Harris, Kirk McPike, Meronne Teklu and Justin Wilson for submitting answers to the survey questions that illustrated their support for and understanding of all six public policy priorities championed by Hopkins House.

The goal of this effort is to educate voters about and raise the profile of early childhood education public policy. Voters are encouraged to use this and other resources to educate themselves, consider which candidates most closely align with their own views around these public policy issues, and vote in the June 8 primary election.

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