Highlights from the Alyia for Alexandria Campaign Kick-off!

Updated: Mar 1

What an exciting time for Team A4A!

At the end of January, we held our official campaign launch. You can watch the video, here.

A diverse set of speakers, including local elected officials, business leaders, community activists, and residents shared heartfelt stories about their relationship with Alyia, and why she is the best choice for Alexandria City Council.

There were a few consistent themes that emerged during the event that highlight Alyia’s leadership, her priorities for the campaign, and the impact she will make on city council.

Alyia has a heart for service

Alyia has spent her career working in cities and fighting for better outcomes for the residents within them. She not only has the experience and qualities associated with great leadership, she has the heart to ensure those needs are met. Kia Weatherspoon, Founder + Principal of Determined by Design, shared that “when Alyia speaks you know it’s with purpose, of value, and thoughtfulness...when I think about Alyia, it is about the power of the people, and her preparedness will allow her to speak on all people’s behalf.”

Allen Brooks, Chief Creative Officer of Building Momentum, echoed these sentiments saying that “ Alyia is the type of leader who raises everyone up, she will ensure and create access and equity for people within Alexandria, and collaborate with our partners to ensure those needs are being met.”

Alyia is prepared for to lead

The Honorable Van Johnson, Mayor of Savannah, GA, shared stories of how Alyia helped his city advance policies to promote healthy eating and active living when she worked at the National League of Cities. Van told the audience that, “she has the skills, she has the abilities, she has the heart to serve others and better her community. It’s important to have people like her, people who are well prepared, have the temperament, have the world experience, and especially people like her who have the integrity to serve.

Alyia listens

Alyia has built her platform based on feedback from community members. She doesn’t just listen to know what’s going on, she wants to intimately understand the issues so that she can act in a way that responds to the community’s needs and concerns.

Jennifer, a local poet, humanitarian, and theologian shared that “she is someone who will listen to all viewpoints, and ensure no one’s voice is missing from the table...Alyia is rooted in the work of her community. I have experienced her compassion, I’ve witnessed her spirit of volunteerism. She's no stranger to the art of balancing work life, family life, in the work of the people.

Becky, a local pastor with deep roots in the community, shared that “Alyia will actively listen to the voice of the people...she knows those hard decisions being made every day by families across Alexandria and wants to make sure someone who understands them, represents them in a way that best suits their interests.

True to her passion for community, Alyia shared that “things won't get solved until we come together. It’s important to me to hear your ideas, your concerns...and to understand what are our values, what are our common points, what are the areas of synergy where we can come together.”

This is only the beginning. We look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

Please contact with any questions.

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