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Alyia Gaskins Endorsed by Alexandria Educators!


Educators’ PAC Chooses Local Candidates in November Elections

Alexandria, VA, July 15, 2021: The Alexandria Political Action Committee for Education (APACE) announced today those candidates who have the endorsement of Alexandria’s public educators in the November 2021 municipal elections. APACE is the political action arm of the Education Association of Alexandria, affiliated with both the Virginia Education Association and the National Education Association, which represents members who work in the Alexandria City Public Schools.

APACE asked all Mayor/City Council and School Board candidates to respond to a questionnaire and then interviewed each candidate who returned a questionnaire on time. The APACE recommendations were then disseminated to the EAA Board of Directors.

Endorsed for Mayor: Justin Wilson

Endorsed for City Council:

Canek Aguirre Sarah Bagley John Taylor Chapman

Alyia Gaskins Amy Jackson Kirk McPike

Endorsed for School Board:

A) Willie Bailey Jacinta Greene Michelle Rief

B) Kelly Carmichael Booz Tammy Ignacio Pree Ann Johnson

C) Meagan Alderton Abdel-Rahman Elnoubi

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