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Image taken with Covid pod

My First Year in Office

In 2022 I helped the Council make significant investments in areas that affect health and quality of life. Read the mailer that I sent out to the community to learn more about the efforts that I am particularly proud of.

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Welcome back to school! I know that today is a day many in our community have been looking forward to in the past year.


Going back to school is such an exciting time. It is a chance to meet new friends and learn new things. And as a parent, I also recognize and understand the mix of emotions that today brings.


With the pandemic, this year still doesn't feel quite like normal. In my conversations with our young people, parents, and caregivers, I have heard about the fears and challenges that this new school year brings. 


Our City Council has a critical role to play in meeting those challenges, especially those outside the classroom that affect a child's ability to learn including food insecurity, housing and access to broadband. 


I am proud to be Educator Endorsed and I’m committed to continuing to listen to you so that we can work together to protect our city’s most precious resource—our children.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy school year!


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